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We offer innovative 3d and VR/AR solutions for marketing,  exclusive presentations,entertainment, education, real estate and scientific research projects .


for real state Projects

Using VR (Virtual Reality) delivers an amazing experiences to your audience. It allow them walk through the finished project from any anywhere. In addition, Shaderdesk allows the user  to decorate the project based on their personal taste and share them on social media.




tour and rendering

An interactive tour with a number of 360-degree points that can be displayed on your website or on social networks.

Augmeted Reality

It allows you to view a 3d object in the actual space with the help of your camera phone.

Web Design

Take your own in-market competition with professional design, SEO and special features such as 360-degree tour, 3d display of products.

Virtual reality

VR Allows you to physically navigate the space and experience the computer-generated environment with the closest perception of reality.

Virtual reality

Put on a virtual reality headset, experience and interact with the immersive VR world. The creation of this virtual world is our profession. Using VR grows your business beyond others. Anything you imagine, we make it happen.

Our solution can be easily integrated with any VR hardware. 


With augmented reality (AR), add objects and events to your surroundings and view amazing scenarios through your camera phone. With the help of augmented reality, you can expand your marketing power beyond others.

This technology supports all platforms, particularly mobile phones, which makes it an accessible solution available anywhere at any time.

360 tours

Interactive tour with a number of 360 views. By pressing the walk icon, move through space. 360 images can be either Computer Generated or captured. 

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